True Harvest Roadmap Part 1: Our Members-Only Dispensary Platform

This is Part 1 of our series where we dive deeper into the features on the True Harvest Roadmap.

The flagship feature on the True Harvest Roadmap is the members-only, cannabis dispensary e-commerce platform.

Once completed, our members will never have to pay retail prices at a dispensary ever again.

We’re recruiting dispensaries across the country to join the True Harvest membership network.

Once onboarded into our network, their online menu will be uploaded to our digital platform where our members can shop in real time.

When a member makes a purchase on our platform, the dispensary fulfills the order.

All True Harvest members will receive 20% off everything on our platform all the time.

This means True Harvest members will receive 20% off everything from dispensaries that join our membership.

Why would a dispensary want to join our membership if they’re required to give 20% off to our members?

This requires taking a closer look at the power of digital networks.

Simply put, crypto membership networks like True Harvest have the ability to execute multiple functions (serve many purposes), and retain resources that would normally be extracted out of the network by a third party — all while executing at near zero transaction costs and compounding the retained value.

We’re going to publish a separate post that focuses solely on that subject, but for now, we’re going to layout how it makes sense in our situation.

So, why would a dispensary want to join our membership if they’re required to give 20% off to our members?

Every business needs a customer. And getting customers can be expensive.

In our case, dispensaries in our network gain access to thousands of our members looking for a place to buy cannabis. And the dispensary doesn’t have to buy advertising or pay a monthly fee.

In Web 2 cannabis e-commerce, dispensaries are charged a monthly fee plus advertising costs to list on digital platforms. After all, that’s where the customers are.

Weedmaps is valued at roughly $1.5 billion for this reason. They charge dispensaries a monthly fee plus advertising costs. It’s how they make money.

The money leaves the ecosystem and goes to a third party (Weedmaps).

But we prefer the Web 3 model where money stays within our ecosystem, and lowers costs for everyone.

Instead of charging dispensaries anything, True Harvest requires dispensaries give our members 20% off everything.

Think about how affiliate marketing works. The affiliate marketer drives traffic to an e-commerce site. If the visitor makes a purchase, the e-commerce site pays the affiliate a commission.

We’re providing a platform where members can purchase directly from dispensaries. But instead of collecting a commission for making a sale, we pass that money on to our members in the form of a discount. A 20% discount to be exact.

We tell dispensaries “You don’t have to pay us anything to join our platform. Just give our members 20% off and you’re good.”

It’s that simple.

And what about our members?

Members pay us about $6 per month as a membership fee (unless they have a lifetime membership from our Original Release NFT Collection).

So, members pay $6 per month to get 20% off at their local dispensary. And dispensaries are free to join our platform.

We think the economics works for everyone.

And the best part?

Both members and dispensaries will own True Harvest tokens. Everyone has an opportunity to own a stake in our organization and a piece of the legal cannabis economy.

It’s a win for everybody.

Resources stay within our ecosystem, lower the cost of everything, and ownership is distributed to everyone.

That’s the power of Web 3.

You can read more about True Harvest by going to our homepage.

Here is a link to our roadmap.

Here is an invite to our Discord.

You can sign up for our email list here.

And you can follow me on Twitter here.

Below is a list of all the features on our True Harvest Roadmap.

We’re going to be releasing a new blog post for every feature to better communicate our ideas and where we plan to take our organization.

Members Only Dispensary Platform — 11/17/21

The Harvest Book — 11/19/21

Web 3 Investment Fund — 11/22/21

Craft Cannabis Digital Marketplace — 11/20/21

Members Only E-Commerce — 11/26/21

Political Action Team — 11/27/21

Movie Production — 11/30/21



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