True Harvest Roadmap Part 2: The Harvest Book

Photo Credit: Edition One Books

This is Part 2 of our of blog series where we dive deeper into the features on the True Harvest Roadmap.

The cannabis community loves photography.

And I can’t blame them. So do I.

Instagram is the unofficial social media platform for the entire industry despite Instagram being notoriously unfriendly to its cannabis loving users.

Our first project at True Harvest is The Harvest book.

We’re creating a photography book that puts the 2021 outdoor cannabis harvest on full display.

We’re community-sourcing photographs from licensed farms and home growers all over the country.

I’ve been wanting to create this book for a while. There’s just something about cannabis and photography that go together.

We’re going to showcase cannabis farms from across the country to give a visual representation of how cannabis cultivation is evolving and becoming ubiquitous.

Each region has it’s own cultivation culture. Every farmer has their own way of working with the conditions that nature gives them.

We’re going to capture these images and create a photography book to give people a visual understanding of cannabis cultivation happening right now across the country — and even the world.

We’re going to put our craft farmers and hobby growers on full display.

Our goal is to elevate the profile of members within our ecosystem and educate consumers by creating a photography book that will be sold in dispensaries all over the country.

As a cross-promotional feature, some of the photographs used in the book will be available for purchase as an NFT with a QR code right next to the picture in the book.

Readers will be able to flip through the book, find the image they want to buy as an NFT, and then scan the QR code that will take them to the NFT listing online.

Owners of these NFTs will possess a lifetime membership to the True Harvest network.

This is exactly what we intend to do with our original release NFT collection.

We want to be able to offer NFTs to our earliest supporters.

We also want to expand the scope of NFT use cases, and we think this fits perfectly.

Digital art is fantastic. So many talented creators are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

We want to do the same for our craft farmers and home growers.

We also want to be able to raise money from our first true believers, and reward them with a lifetime membership.

Embedding internet links via QR codes within a physical book is a unique way to gain exposure and attract like-minded individuals.

5% of all sales from our NFT Collection will go to the craft farmer who took the picture.

The Harvest book will be available at cannabis dispensaries all over the country.

Since the outdoor cannabis harvest happens in autumn, our goal is to produce a new community sourced photography book every year.

Think of it like a yearbook for the cannabis community.

The Harvest book is going to be printed by Edition One Books (Oakland, California.)

You can pre-order your copy here.

And you can go here for wholesale orders.

You can read more about True Harvest by going to our homepage.

Here is a link to our roadmap.

Here is an invite to our Discord.

You can sign up for our email list here.

And you can follow me on Twitter here.

Below is a list of all the features on our True Harvest Roadmap.

We’re going to be releasing a new blog post for every feature to better communicate our ideas and where we plan to take our organization.

Members Only Dispensary Platform — 11/17/21

The Harvest Book — 11/19/21

Web 3 Investment Fund — 11/22/21

Craft Cannabis Digital Marketplace — 11/20/21

Members Only E-Commerce — 11/26/21

Political Action Team — 11/27/21

Movie Production — 11/30/21



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