True Harvest Roadmap Part 4: Craft Cannabis Digital Marketplace

Black Diamond OG grown by Eden Farms — Humboldt County, California

This is Part 4 of our series where we dive deeper into the features on the True Harvest Roadmap.

The picture above was sent to me by a Humboldt County cannabis grower for this year’s Harvest Book.

Small cannabis farmers like himself are having a rough time operating in the California legal market.

They grow the best cannabis in the world, but almost 50% of small farms in California won’t survive this year. They’re either going to go back to operating on the illicit market, or go out of business entirely.


Taxes and regulations are expensive. It’s also hard for small farms to stand out in a crowded market. Larger cannabis brands can afford to pay for shelf space at dispensaries to gain exposure.

The most difficult thing about being a farmer is finding a customer to buy your crop. A farmer’s product is worthless if nobody is willing to buy it. Farmers have to spin straw into gold.

Several large, well-funded cannabis companies found this out the hard way. Canadian cannabis producers have lost billions of dollars over the past few years because they couldn’t find someone to buy their product.


When cannabis was legalized, everybody jumped at the chance to grow weed legally. Billions of dollars went into building cultivation facilities.

Selling the final product was an afterthought. “Weed sells itself” was the commonly held belief by people who had never grown it before.

Fast forward a couple years, and these same companies have had millions worth of product go bad sitting in a warehouse because they couldn’t move it.

Ask any seasoned grower, and they’ll tell you that selling is the hardest part. The harvest isn’t complete until the crop gets sold at market.

That’s a farmer’s life.

At True Harvest, one of our main goals is to help small farmers stand out and showcase their products.

We also want to help our members find great products that are right for them.

We plan to achieve both of these by building a craft cannabis digital marketplace where consumers can find and purchase cannabis products grown by small farms.

Craft cannabis farmers will finally have a censorship-resistant, digital home where they can connect with customers and sell their products — all at zero cost to them. No need to pay for shelf space at a dispensary, either.

We’re going to work with dispensaries to integrate their online menu with our digital marketplace.

Customers will be able to shop on our digital platform and place their order. The order will be fulfilled through a local dispensary either by delivery or in-store pickup.

The future of craft cannabis is uncertain.

We’re going to do our part to keep it alive by creating a way for small farms to sell their product to customers who want an authentic, high-quality product.

You can read more about True Harvest by going to our homepage.

Here is a link to our roadmap.

Here is an invite to our Discord.

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And you can follow me on Twitter here.

Below is a list of all the features on our True Harvest Roadmap.

We’re going to be releasing a new blog post for every feature to better communicate our ideas and where we plan to take our organization.

Members Only Dispensary Platform — 11/17/21

The Harvest Book — 11/19/21

Web 3 Investment Fund — 11/22/21

Craft Cannabis Digital Marketplace — 11/30/21

Members Only E-Commerce — 12/2/21

Political Action Team — 12/5/21



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